Dr. Niccolo Caderni

The recipient of the 1978 Annual Award of the Italian Physical Society for his work on General Relativity, Dr Caderni graduated summa cum laude form the University of Florence, and was then a Lector at the University of Cambridge, a National Science Foundation Senior Fellow at the University of California, and a Professor at the University of Pavia in Italy. In 1984 he was appointed Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions at Bankers Trust International in London, and in 1990 took the post of Managing Director of Phillips Son & Neale, then the third largest fine art auction house in the world. From 1993 to 1997 he was Senior Advisor to the Bentinck Thyssen family, which had financial and industrial holdings ranging from fine art to television, and represented the family on the Board of the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. In 1997 he was a co-founder of Internet Partnership Group AG, a Swiss based investment company, and in 2000 he became Chairman of the Board of Webiz Holding BV, the investment vehicle of the giant Italian utility group ENEL. Since 2001 Dr Caderni is also chairman of the Scientific Review Board of the Maia institute, a scientific research organization based in Monaco.

Dr Caderni was appointed Chairman of eXstream Solutions in 2001.