eXstream’s Digital Content Communicator (DCC) software is a Digital Asset Management tool designed to facilitate the management, publication, and delivery of multimedia within an Intranet and across the Internet. Whether you are a media company, university, or corporation, the DCC enables your content-centric organization to maximize the value of
digital media assets. The DCC’s multi-tiered structure empowers administrators with a tool to control workflow and information access while providing content contributors with an intuitive, web-based multimedia publishing and production environment.

Product Features

Digital Asset Creation
Multimedia Publishing
Non-technical users can submit, edit, review, and approve all types of media content using traditional web-based programs.
Distributed Workflow & Content Entry
Manages workflow through flexible approval processes and e-mail notification
Incorporates flexible Pay-Per-View, Pay-Per-Stream and subscription-based commerce.
Digital Rights Management
Controls, tracks, and protects media files utilizing advanced encryption technology.
Ad Management
Manages, tracks, and serves advertisements dynamically
Uses natural language search technology to facilitate file location and retrieval.

Network Management
Allows administrators to remotely control server functionality across networks
Controls access to mission-critical data by administering strict permission levels
Publication Structure
Defines workflow processes and publication roles for individual content contributors and editors
Reporting and Tracking
Produces comprehensive usage reports to monitor key performance criteria



Benefits of the DCC

• Supports Audio, Video, Images and Text

• Distributed Content Entry

• Centralized Digital Asset Storage

• Open Architecture

• Supports Multiple Revenue Streams

• Rapid Time to Market

• Ease of Implementation

• Browser-Based User Environment