eXstream Solutions' suite of products and support services have been specifically created to meet your organizations' diverse training needs:

Open Learn - Virtual Classroom

OpenLearn is the online training market's leading virtual classroom product enabling a highly effective new form of communication by combining the power of distributed multimedia with the benefits of online collaboration and interactivity. OpenLearn was designed to overcome the key shortcomings of first generation e-learning products by combining traditional text-based learning paths with powerful audio, video and interactive elements. OpenLearn brings powerful classroom training to your desktop that can be viewed both live and "on-demand".

OpenLearn Administrator
Multimedia Learning Management System

The OpenLearn Administrator provides a comprehensive enterprise multimedia learning management solution setting the foundation for your organization's training program. With Administrator, our clients are capable of building a virtual university that facilitates the ability to store, manage, search and distribute multimedia based learning content helping your organization create a fully personalized organization-wide learning portal.

Open Learn Producer - Authoring Tool

Multimedia-based authoring tool enabling instructors and content creators to capture, edit and deliver a compelling rich-media powered online event. By integrating audio, video, text and images with course materials, the content creator supplies a targeted audience with an experience viewable live or instantly archived for on-demand purposes.

Professional Services
Our team of e-learning and technology consultants is available to assist your organization in each and every aspect of you online learning program. Whether you need help design a brand look for your e-learning portal or need assistance integrating an existing library of training content, our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide expert help you require.