If you are planning an event, then make it a memorable one with products and services from eXstream Solutions. We can assist you in the planning, design and implementation of your event by using some of the newest technology to reach your intended audience. Our services include:

Meeting & Event Production
Audio and Video production and editing
Technical Support
Streaming media across the internet
Guest Registration
Interactive chat
Live or Video on Demand
On line surveys

New Product Announcements Imagine if you could communicate your new product roll out with potential customers across the globe, anywhere and with no time zone concerns. If you elect to use our on line survey capabilities you can receive immediate feedback form your audience participants in a private and secure response message.

Sales Training Training your sales team on your new product or service without the costly expense of travel and the delays associated with lost productivity of being away from the office and your customers. Using video on demand archiving your sales team can go back and review the sales materials anytime, at any location.

Virtual tours showing off your new products to a large audience without having incurred additional cost of sales and tying up valuable resources who could be working on other things.

And the list goes on and on..